Free Simple Legendary File and Folder Locker Application

Free Simple Legendary File and Folder Locker Application

Free Simple File and Folder Locker for Windows
Created by Henry U.S.S.A
Copyright © 1998 – 2008 Henry Artworks Studio™. All rights reserved.

Several years ago, I had almost forgotten that I had made a Simple Legendary File and Folder Locker Application I had not published or shared yet for anyone who may need it. This application is far from perfection of course, yet it may bring the benefit to anyone who want it and who is willing to appreciate it for my busy dayz n timez 🙂 .  This old application is fully compatible with  Windows XP and Windows Vista. As an alternative Security Program, especially related to File and Folder Locking, you may try and use it for free, but you are NOT allowed to use it for commercial purposes (if you may think this old-stuff is worth for sale 🙂 )


File and Folder Protector for Windows is a simple program to lock folder and hide the files inside the folder.
The protected Folder will be disguised/camouflaged and converted as a normal and functional:

  1. “My Computer” Icon, or
  2. “Control Panel” Icon, or
  3. “Recycle Bin” Icon, or
  4. “Printers” Icon, or
  5. “Network Neighborhood” Icon, or
  6. “Dial-Up Networking” Icon or
  7. “Schedule Task” Icon

You can choose one of them as You like for FREE!


Category : Computer\Windows\Security
Program name : File and Folder Protector for Windows
Version : 1.0.0
Supported OS/Compatibility : Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista
License : Freeware
Developer : Henry U.S.S.A • Henry A®tworks Studio™ •
File Name : Folder-Protect.exe
File Size : 71,0 KB (72.704 bytes)
CRC-32 Checksum : 7CF32225
MD5 : 8CA38187A6D3525CB0F418F80CA55547
SHA1 : DB2EF2D7F057EFC5E872988EAD5458A69185D388
Program Original Creation Time : March, 3 2003
Program Last Updated Time     : December, 2 2007, 00:10:05 AM


PASSWORD : “henrique” (without quotation)

Change Log

1. Version 1.0.0 (December, 2 2007)
– Fix a little Bug in Password Manager
– Change Program Skin (several elements)
– Change Author’s Blog Site URL/link.
2. Version 0.1.0 Final (August, 3 2003)
– Add some type of protection style.
– Add Password Manager so User can simply change his Password regularly.
3. Version 0.0.1 BETA (March, 3 2003)
– First Program created and launched without Password Manager.


Kind Regards,
• Henry A®tworks Studio™ •


2 Responses

  1. thanx good program and share

  2. Thanks for sharing with us

    Henry said :
    You’re Welcome, Mister SensiGuard! 🙂

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